Selected Publications

  • Baker JA, Lo JY. Breast tomosynthesis: state-of-the-art and review of the literature. Academic Radiology. 2011,18:1298-1310. Abstract [Invited review paper]
  • Shafer CM, Samei E, Lo JY. The quantitative potential for breast tomosynthesis imaging. Medical Physics. 2010,37:1004-1016. Abstract
  • Ikejimba LC, Kiarashi N, Ghate SV, Samei E, Lo JY. Task-based strategy for optimized contrast enhanced breast imaging: Analysis of six imaging techniques for mammography and tomosynthesis. Medical Physics. 2014,41:061908. Abstract

  • Jesneck JL, Mukherjee S, Yurkovetsky Z, Clyde M, Marks JR, Lokshin AE, Lo JY. Do serum biomarkers really measure breast cancer?. BMC Cancer. 2009,9:164. Abstract [Highly Accessed, Open Access]
  • Singh S, Maxwell J, Baker JA, Nicholas JN, Lo JY. Computer-aided Classification of Breast Masses: Performance and Interobserver Variability of Expert Radiologists versus Residents. Radiology 2011,258:73-80. Abstract
  • Good D, Lo JY, Lee WR, Wu QJ, Yin FF, Das SK. A knowledge-based approach to improving and homogenizing intensity modulated radiation therapy planning quality among treatment centers: an example application to prostate cancer planning. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 2013,87:176-181. Abstract
  • Huo Z, Summers RM, Paquerault S, Lo JY, Hoffmeister J, III SGA, Freedman MT, Lin J, Lo SCB, Petrick N, Sahiner B, Fryd D, Yoshida H, Chan HP. Quality assurance and training procedures for computer-aided detection and diagnosis systems in clinical use. Medical Physics. 2013,40:077001. Abstract [Opinion paper from the AAPM CAD Subcommittee]

  • Kiarashi N, Lo JY, Lin Y, Ikejimba LC, Ghate SV, Nolte LW, Dobbins JT, Segars WP, Samei E. Development and application of a suite of 4-D virtual breast phantoms for optimization and evaluation of breast imaging systems. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. 2014,33:1401-1409. Abstract
  • Kiarashi N, Nolte AC, Sturgeon GM, Segars WP, Ghate SV, Nolte LW, Samei E, Lo JY. Development of realistic physical breast phantoms matched to virtual breast phantoms based on human subject data. Medical Physics. 2015,42:4116. Abstract [Editor's Picks, Open Access]

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